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Lhotse 8.516 m

basic information about the mountain

  • The Lhotse mountain (in Tibetan Iho rtse) can be found in the Himalaya Mountains, on the border between Nepal and Tibet, right next to Mt. Everest. It is separated from Mt. Everest only by 8.000 meters high Southern saddle. It is the fourth highest peak in the world.
    The name Lho Tse means “Another peak” and points out its necessity to the Everest massif. Over 4.000 meters high rock faces slope from the Lhotse (possibly Lhotse-Shar) mountain. These rock faces belong to the most difficult climbing in the world. Its steep southern face is completely without ice and there can be clearly seen layers of sandstone and limestone that originally had been on the bottom of the sea and that have been lifted up during geological folding. The Himalaya Mountains are in motion even in these days, they are constantly rising – up to ten millimeters per year. Since the beginning of ice age (about two and a half million years ago) the mountains have grown by a few kilometers.

  • The first ascent was accomplished on 18th May 1956 by Swiss Fritz Luchsinger and Ernst Reiss. On 16th September 1986, Reinhold Messner together with Hans Kammerlander reached the summit. By this act, Messner became the first person that reached all 14 summits that are higher that 8.000m.

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